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hw14are - One is a change in the demand for labor...

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Somewhere between 14-15million people are unemployed and 9-10 million are self employed which makes it difficult to enter a union. There are 130 million people who are considered wage and salary workers. The effective base though is less than 120 million. Unions say they don’t have man members but have a higher share of workers that are in unions (about 8%). Keep in mind that of the 15 million union members most are in the public sector (about 37%). In shied, the private sector, unions are only 7%. In the 50’s and 60’s 35% of all private sector workers were union members . Three reasons were postulated to account for why unions are less important these days
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Unformatted text preview: . One is a change in the demand for labor. Competition has gotten much stiffer making it harder for unions to push up wages. Competition went up with globalization, free trade, and deregulation. On the supply side, unions have traditionally been best at organizing white men and white men are a shrinking share of the labor force in the US. Women and minorities are now a much bigger share of the labor force. Historically, unions are not good at organizing unions of colored people. The last reason for unions going down is legal and those can be traced to 1981. In 1981 ATF went on strike. Reagan fired all of the ATF and brought in military to do it instead....
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