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3 R’s 1) recruit people in a non farm environment it is done individually but in agriculture they generally hire groups of people rather than individuals and they do not use references or written applications; recruitment is handled differently with heavy reliance on intermediaries. 2) remunerate people (pay them to get them to perform) right now apples are being picked in WA and workers are getting 2 cents a pound to pick apples. Piece rate wages work since hiring groups can link to paying predictable wages. This was back in the days that many jobs paid piece rates. After that minimum wage laws and anti children working laws were passed. We now have many more hourly pay jobs. Generally there is a working supervisor or
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Unformatted text preview: technology to control pace of work. We still pay piece rates in places that we cannot see people working. Piece rate is done as incentive pay so employees are motivated to work super fast. In practice, piece rate workers get paid more than non piece rate. 3) retain people there are two retention issues. One is the issue of the piece rate. We have what is called the iron triangle in which we have productivity standard, minimum wage, and piece rate. Most employers fire those that cannot pick enough to be worthwhile. There is a sugar cane case and also an apple picking case. It happened in Washington picking apples....
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