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hw8are - communicate with the workers and serve as a...

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. What are farm labor contractors, and what are their economic benefits and costs for (1) employers and (2) recently arrived immigrant workers? Farm labor contractors emerged in the 1920s to organize Mexican crews that could be moved from farm to farm. They are essentially a middle man that matches workers with jobs in agriculture. They are useful in that they are able to get workers jobs and farmers workers but they do so at a fee. One benefit to the employer is that the contractor can
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Unformatted text preview: communicate with the workers and serve as a bilingual liaison. The downside is that contractors tend to take a fee that often leads to a lower take home pay for the farm worker. Another downside is that it makes it hard for workers to organize boycotts against a particular product when they are employed by contractors and not necessarily the farm itself. However, they are theoretically mutually beneficial since they help workers get work and farmers get workers....
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