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1) What is a revolving door labor market, and one important implication of a revolving door market for employers, unions, and public policy? A revolving door labor market means people do not stay as seasonal workers. A revolving door labor market has a couple of implications. People come in, stay in the labor market, then move on. In revolving door labor markets the employer is always looking for new workers. Every year about 100,000 new workers are needed so the fastest growth in the immigrant farm population is from Thailand. Revolving door
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Unformatted text preview: markets lead to employers having to constantly replace workers and wanting to import additional workers. For unions, or the laborer, the revolving door market makes it harder to organize and to help themselves with higher wages. Thus, they make around 10,000 a year. Public policy wise, it has led to policy makers to try to compensate for workers living on a poverty line through aid. A huge sum is spent on programs to benefit laborers in the form of social programs....
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