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University of California, Santa Barbara ECE 228A Winter 2011 1 ECE228B Term Project Objective: To simulate a WDM transmission link and assess its performance characteristics. Introduction: In this project you will design and implement a time-domain simulator for data transmitted over the point-to-point fiber links. The links consist of a digital NRZ transmitter transmitting at λ 1 , a wavelength multiplexer with 200GHz channel spacing, two interfering channels at λ N-1 and λ N+1 , an optical amplifier, a transmission fiber of length L, an optical de-multiplexer and a receiver connected to λ 1 . Your simulation will cover two cases (I) A WDM link with optical booster amplifier (Figure 1a) and two interfering channels (II) A WDM link with Preamp EDFA (Figure 1b) and two interfering channels. Figure 1 Transmitter: In each case, a data source generates a fixed binary non-return-to-zero (NRZ) intensity on-off modulated bit sequence that is electrically filtered, drives an optical current source and then direct drives a single mode semiconductor laser. Let the electrical filter 3dB bandwidth be 0.8 times the NRZ bit rate. Assume the single mode laser relaxation oscillation frequency is 10GHz and in response to being driven with the filtered current source, there is a 10% overshoot in the optical output that decays to steady state after 5 oscillations (e.g. the 1/e point of a decaying exponential envelope). The single mode laser source operating at 1550 nm with a 100 MHz linewidth is injected into the modulator that is then coupled to an optical fiber. All components are inter-connected by fiber splices with 0.1dB loss each.
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ECE228A_project_W11 - University of California, Santa...

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