3.21.07 - change at the time Realsim and Expressionism...

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3.21.07 Realism “I don’t want realism, I want magic!” –Blanche Dubois,  A Streetcar Named Desire The details of the setting, the costuming, and the circumstances of the action were  realized as to convince audiences that it was real itself. Illusion? Yes Poetic Realism Playboy of the Western World o John Millington Synge Desire under the Elms  (myth or social realism?)- father brings home hot young  wife, has a son o Eugene O’Neill Also wrote the saddest play ever written.   A Long Days Journey  Into Night Storyline isn’t as real, but set, costumes, lighting, etc. are Social Realism - specific for social outcry, wanted to cause social action Clifford Odets Waiting for Lefty- getting people up to do something What about  A Doll’s House ?- yes looking back, but it wasn’t to cause social 
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Unformatted text preview: change at the time Realsim and Expressionism Tennessee Williams o A Glass Menagerie- dream play, Tom Winfield is looking back on his life, doesnt follow literal line of events Arthus Miller o Death of a Salesman- concerns the American Dream o What is the American Dream? Anti-Realism- rehearsing, people planted in the audience Louigi Pirandello Six Characters in Search of an Author Absurdist Drama Martin Esslin The Theatre of the Absurd Samuel Beckett o Happy Days- woman buried up in stuff to do, but still has all of her purses and iPods, etc. o Waiting for Godot Eugene Ionesco o The Bald Soprano- makes fun of middle class society, shows repetitiveness that we go through in our every day lives o Set realistically...
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3.21.07 - change at the time Realsim and Expressionism...

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