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Assignment #1-Entrepreneurial Leadership Contemporary Business 508 Strayer University July 10, 2011 1. Create a hybrid theory/philosophy which combines elements found in the thinking of Case, Kouzes, and Drucker. In your philosophy, be sure to include the new definition of
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entrepreneurial leadership presented in Understanding Entrepreneurial Leadership in today’s Dynamic Markets. In the cases presented by Drucker and Kouzes leaders must have passion to be successful. Kouzes states, “a leader can motivate others by aspiring them to share their goals”. Also if a leader encourages other employees, the employees can obtain the same success and accomplish many goals. In essences, if a leader possesses passion for a business, the employees will also exhibit the same passion to obtain and accomplish goals. In the case, Drucker, Case, and Kouzes all have similar thoughts on being an effective leader. Leaders must have discipline and passion to achieve their goals. Leadership means to take charge and to encourage others around them. Kouzes also states, “leaders have to take risk and give individuals the opportunity to grow”. Encourage the heart, leaders must be able to say thank you to the employees. Saying thank you for the little things as well as the big things means a lot to employees. In the article Understanding Leadership in today’s Dynamic Market , it stated that, “a new type of business leader must emerge ready to lead organizations that face increase competitiveness and uncertainty in these dynamic markets”. The article called these leaders entrepreneurial leaders. Leaders must be able to operate in a highly unpredictable world where competition is consistently moving upward. A hybrid theory for all of the
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