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Unformatted text preview: CA-7 / CA-11User Guide1TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroductionAbout CA-73Action Method Description3Screen Method Description3XQ, LQ Panels4-7Holding A Job In CA-78-9Editing A Job In CA-710Canceling A Job In CA-711-12Restart/Rerun A Job In CA-713-15Demanding A Job In CA-716Return Codes in CA-717-18Schids19-20PSI System Authority21-22JCL Override23-24Adding User Requirements25-26Creating & Submitting Change Requests27-30CA-7 Commands31-37Control-M VS CA-7 Commands382Introduction to CA-7For the daily run of jobs, CA-7 does not have a User Daily that runs each morning at 8 a.m. to pull in jobs that will run for that day. Instead, CA-7 will scan lead jobs in a range of 4 hours with increments of 2 hours. For example, at midnight, CA-7 will scan in jobs that will run for the next 4 hours. At 2 a.m., CA-7 will scan again for jobs that will run between the time of 2 a.m. - 6 a.m., etc.Users on CA-7 will have access to do the following: Hold, edit, cancel, restart/rerun, demand and make temporary scheduling changes to jobs. The Tech Team will resume responsibility with any permanent scheduling changes. Action Commands:In CA-7, action commands can be entered from any CA-7 panel to produce immediate results. By hitting the HOME key and getting to the home space (top-left portion of your screen), you can type in command strings to do almost anything you want.Screen Method:This is a mixture of using screens (menus) and commands. The screen method is slower, but it is easier to use and understand if you are using CA-7 for the first time.To get into CA-7 from the ISPF main menu, you type:E for EDS Applications7 for Scheduling Products7 for CA-7 (Production Job Scheduling)1 for Online Hit Enter for the Main Menu or type an action command to get where you want. (For the quicker method of stacking commands, type E.7;7;1)***NOTE: Pressing PF3 at any time during your CA-7 session will move you to the CA-7 Primary Option Menu, UNLESSyou are editing JCL.3XQ, LQ PanelsXQ CommandsThe XQ, XQJ, XQN and XQM action commands are used to display jobs in the Request, Ready or Active Queues. Updating of the job status is also allowed. A sample of the actions permitted while in these screens include CANCELling, RESTARTing, HOLDing, RELEASEing, REQUEUEing, UPDATEing and VERIFYing. These screens can also be accessed through the Queue Maintenance Menu (QM.1). The XQ commands can be modified to include only specific jobs or a specific sequence. Specific command syntax can be found in the CA-7 Commands Guide._________________________________________________________________XQM CommandThe XQM action command is used to update the status of jobs in the Request, Ready or Active Queues through the CPU JOBS STATUS SCREEN. This screen can also be accessed through the Queue Maintenance Menu (QM.1-M)....
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