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CA-7 Alternate-Dynamic Library

CA-7 Alternate-Dynamic Library - Some jobs that are run...

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Some jobs that are run under CA-7 create JCL that needs to be scheduled under CA-7 also. The type of job that gets created is called a “DYNAMICALLY CREATED JCL JOB”. To get CA-7 to submit this JOBSTREAM, an additional library that is ALTERNATE to the production MASTER JCL LIBRARY is used. IMPORTANT NOTE: The ZOOM interface to the PSI OVERRIDE EDIT function is not aware of the existance of the ALTERNATE LIBRARY. If you have an OVERRIDE to a DYNAMICALLY CREATED JCL JOB that is in the FUTURE or has EXPIRED, ZOOM will not be able to provide JCL to CA-7 and the job will be placed in SKELETON status. Process CA-7 uses to obtain the JCL for placement in its Trailer Work Queue: 1) CA-7 looks for which library is defined for the JOB in the JOB DEFINITION DB.1 panel by INDEX NUMBER. The /DISPLAY,ST=JCL top line command references the actual JCL LIBRARIES and their INDEX and ALT INDEX NUMBERS. /DISPLAY,ST=JCL *** JCL DISPLAY *** PAGE 0001 DATASET NAME INDEX ALT DSORG VOLSER LTERM PGMBR.RCMLB.DYNJCL 004 N/A PDS BKP291
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