CA-View - Moving to SAM in order to spin to a dataset

CA-View - Moving to SAM in order to spin to a dataset -...

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For those of you interested in being able to SPIN output in CA-View to a dataset this note is for you. Process: 1). Find the SYSOUT to spin, put a J on the select line or the command of the view of the SYSOUT. 2). At the print attribute panel, just hit enter. JCL CREATED jobname will be in the upper right hand corner. 3). To submit the JCL, enter SUB on the command line. 4). Enter appropriate job statement information, including a MSGCLASS=Y of course to get it to SAM. 5). When the job is finished, the output should be in SAM, in which you can SPIN it out as you did
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Unformatted text preview: before. Andy Peterson Note: an alternative method was circulated from Bob Kiesel: 1. List, in CA-View, the job you need to copy. 2. Type in a 'P' (Print) into the selection field to the left of the job. 3. Change Class 'A' to Class 'Y' (Class 'Y' will print the sysout to SAM) 4. The sysout will appear in Held Output under your USERID. There will not be no extra character after your userid. 5. Select the job and issue the SPIN command to copy the sysout to a dataset named as you wish!...
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