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Problem Required Information for decision making Supplied Informatio n Source of supplied informatio n Likely source of missing informatio n Miscellaneous Costs 1. Breakdown of the total costs into sub categories Utilities cost breakup is given, insurance break up is given – production & assembly shops AND admin, office & selling activities. Part of labor costs incurred on specific job workers. Depreciation cost breakup is given. Inventory break up wrt to raw materials, work in progress and finished goods is given. Cost sheet of the company can be used to supply this information First of all utilities cost break up is given but what percentage of total cost is utility cost is not given ? Similarly for other sub categories it is not given what %age do they constitute of the overall costs. Entire 100% breakup of each subcategory is not given. All this information can be known from the cost sheet or from the formal documentation present with the costing department. Total costs 1. What is the current costing process at MGPM 2. Which all 2 and 3 somewhat given but not completely Cost percentage of specific machines for fancy items etc is given, cost Current costing process can be known from the costing department.
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costs should be included for cost accounting ? 3. What is the breakup of the cost percentage for high demand and low demand items. 4. In which all broad categories can the total cost be subdivided ? percentage for salaries is given for high demand items, raw materials cost %age is given for high demand items. Transportation, storage and insurance charges are borne by MGPM so they must be included for cost accounting. For low demand items the total cost and breakdown of those costs into raw materials, salaries, machinery etc should be done.
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inExperience - Problem Miscellaneous Costs Required...

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