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Primary Selection Menu - 2-1 Field Name Description SYSOUT...

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Primary Selection Menu The fields in the CA-View Primary Selection Menu that have importance for viewing SYSOUT will be SYSOUT ID, DATE and EXCEPTIONS. VIEW 1.7 ALL -- PRIMARY SELECTION FOR SYS3.CAVIEW ----------------------------- COMMAND ===> SYSOUT ID ===> SELECT BY ===> R (R, I, IL, or IR) INDEX NAME ===> VALUE ===> ===> ===> ===> ===> ===> ===> SELECTION CRITERIA: GENERATION ===> (*, ALL, specific (n), relative (- n), range (n:m or -n:m)) DATE ===> (specific (MM/DD/YY), relative (-n), range(MM/DD/YY:MM/DD/YY or -n:m)) SELECTION OPTIONS: Only specify to restrict selection EXCEPTIONS ===> X exceptions only, NX non exceptions only, AX/(blank) any PERMANENT ===> P permanent only, NP non permanent only, AP/(blank) any Enter END command to terminate this VIEW 1.7 session. F1=HELP F2=SPLIT F3=END F4=RETURN F5=RFIND F6= F7=UP F8=DOWN F9=SWAP F10=LEFT F11=RIGHT F12=CURSOR 11/24/11 CA-View
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Unformatted text preview: 2-1 Field Name Description SYSOUT ID Possible Values are: SAMPID SAMP* SAMP*D (blank), * Specifies the 1 to 12 character name of a SYSOUT report. A specific ID All reports beginning with SAMP Wild card for fifth character. All report Ids DATE Possible Values are: (blank) ALL, * 02/01/98-3 02/01/98:02/04/98-3:5 The date on which the report was produced. To use DATE, the GENERATION field must be blank. Current date. All dates that are archived. Absolute date, Julian is also acceptable, 98032. Relative date, 3 days before current date. Range of absolute dates. Range of relative dates, starting with 3 to 5 days ago. EXCEPTIONS Possible Values are: (blank), A, AX X NX, N Specifies whether SYSOUT was archived with exceptional conditions (XCODE). All SYSOUTS Only SYSOUTS with exceptional conditions. Only SYSOUTS without exceptional conditions. 11/24/11 CA-View 2-2...
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Primary Selection Menu - 2-1 Field Name Description SYSOUT...

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