Using the override libray in CA7

Using the override libray in CA7 - BARS Hint Subject: PSI -...

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Unformatted text preview: BARS Hint Subject: PSI - JCL OVERRIDE MASTER CA-7 JCL LIBRARY Keyword(s): <CA7> Audience/Purpose: For all users of CA7 Hint: Override Edit Instructions The OVERRIDE EDIT function lets a user maintain the account-level JCL overrides. JCL overrides are full replacements for the production job. Overrides are used to correct errors in the job stream or to accommodate a temporary change in the job's processing requirements. YOU MUST BE IN PSI to create, modify or delete an OVERRIDE. The user must have PSI WRITE authority on the CA-7 SYSTEM ID the job is defined to. The OVERRIDE LIBRARY is ACF SECURED for PSI use only. IMPORTANT NOTE: The ZOOM interface to the PSI OVERRIDE EDIT function is not aware of the existence of the ALTERNATE LIBRARY. If you have an OVERRIDE to a DYNAMICALLY CREATED JCL JOB that is in the FUTURE or has EXPIRED, ZOOM will not be able to provide JCL to CA-7 and the job will be placed in SKELETON status. Please read the entire procedure before using. Additional information can be obtained through PSI HELP and E.DF PSI USERS GUIDE V4.1 document. 1) Log onto PSI {E.7.P} 2) The first time you go into PSI/Zoom you will need to enter an S at the top to get authorization.----------------------- Production Scheduling Interface ----------------------- OPTION ===> S 04/22/1998 - 14:09 Julian Date: 1998.112 Job Name ===> * System Name ===> * Queue Activity 1 QUEUES - Request, Ready, and Active queue information 2 ABENDS - Production abends, fails, errors, and requeues 3 PRIOR RUN - Prior Run queue information Data Base Activity 4 RESOLVE - SPARM/ZPARM/Override JCL Resolution 5 DB MAINTENANCE - ZPARMs, overrides, resdates, job requests, user rqmts Special Activity L LOG DISPLAY - Browse CA7 on-line log S SYSTEM AUTHORITY - Add, delete, and list system ID authority T TUTORIAL - Display information about PSI V4.1 X EXIT - Terminate this session The next thing you need to do is add your system name. Enter an A and hit enter.Enter an A and hit enter....
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Using the override libray in CA7 - BARS Hint Subject: PSI -...

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