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3.28.07 - • Been a success all over the world • He was...

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3.28.2007 Death of a Salesman What’s the big deal? Requiem- Willy’s funeral It will make a lot of money because Willy cares too much about what other  people think about him and it makes you want to reevaluate yourself and not to  live a life that will lead to ruin. About family and the sacrifices you can make for your family It’s relevant today because the implications of the American dream are still  around today, the things that you lose in terms of pursuing the American dream. It is a tragedy but it doesn’t fit what Aristotle says a tragedy is. You can emphasize with Biff because parents want their children to be so much  and have dreams for their children and force their children to pursue those  dreams. Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller First produced in 1949 and won the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award
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Unformatted text preview: • Been a success all over the world • He was 34 years old when he wrote the play • He wrote it in 6 weeks • Originally the play was to follow chronological order • The Inside of His Head o Miller’s first image of the design was to be an enormous head the height of the proscenium arch which would open up, and we would see the inside of his head. Tragedy Aristotle felt that only characters of noble birth could be tragic heroes Willy is not a pleasant person or a noble person Willy wants to be well-liked, but as an audience we find it difficult to like a person who whines, complains, and accepts petty immorality as a normal way of life. Despite his character, we are still awed by his fate....
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