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Networks and Systems EEL 3123, Section 1 HOMEWORK 3 – Assigned Sep 23, 2010 Due on Sep 30, 2010 Covers Chapter 14. Topics include low pass, high pass, band pass and band reject filter design. If there are doubts, you are welcome to see me and discuss your problems. Your notes and the textbook should be ample material to solve these problems. 1. Problem 14.5 parts (a) through (e) 2. Problem 14.11 parts (a) through (e) 3. Problem 14.21 parts (a) through (h) 4. Problem 14.32 parts (a) through (f) 5. In the circuit of problem 14.32, let C = 5uF, specify L and R such that the filter
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Unformatted text preview: has a center frequency of 4 KHz and a quality factor of 5. 6. A general band-pass filter can be represented by the transfer function: m B s Q s s Q k s H 2 2 Write the transfer function of the filter shown in the figure below and design it to have: k=1, rad/s, Q=1. 7. Consider the circuit shown in the Figure below. Solve the circuit equations and obtain its transfer function. What kind of a filter do you obtain? Justify your answer....
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