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Networks and Systems EEL 3123, Section 1 HOMEWORK 5– Assigned November 10, 2010, Due in class on Nov 23, 2010 Covers Chapter 17 & 18. If there are doubts, you are welcome to see me and discuss your problems. Your notes and the textbook should be ample material to solve these problems. 1. Find the Fourier transform of a function f(t) that has amplitude –A between –T/2 and 0, has amplitude +A between +T/2 and 0, and is zero everywhere else. 2. A 1F capacitor and a 0.5 resistor are put in parallel and voltage v o is measured across this combination. This combination is then put in series with a 1
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Unformatted text preview: resistor and an input voltage source v(t)=exp(t)u(-t) + u(t) V. Here, u(.) denotes unit step. Find v o . 3. A series RC circuit (with C = 10uF ) is excited by a voltage source v(t)=15exp(-5t)V . Find the resistance R when it is known that the energy available in the output signal (represented by the voltage measured across the capacitor) is two-thirds of the energy of the input signal. 4. Problem 17.36 5. Problem 17.37 6. Problem 18.2 7. Problem 18.3 8. Problem 18.4...
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