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Unformatted text preview: EEL 3123C TEST 3 - PART A - MANDATORY DURATION: 60 minutes 1. The current through a 50 resistor is i (t) = 4t exp ( t) u (t) : What percentage of the total energy dissipated in the resistor can be associated p with the the frequency band 0 ! 3 rad/s? (50) 2. Find the z parameters for the following circuit (30) 3. The following signals are sampled at 50 Hz: (a) sin(100 t), and (b) cos(100 t). Which ones would exhibit aliasing? Justify your answer. (20) EEL 3123C TEST 3 - PART B - OPTIONAL DURATION: 60 minutes 1. Find the inverse Laplace transform of F (s) = 1 2: (s + 1) (20) 2. Given a series RLC circuit, compute the component values that yield a bandreject …lter with a bandwidth of 250 Hz and a center frequency of 750 Hz. Use a 100 nF capacitor. (20) 3. Compute the transfer function of a series RC low-pass …lter (R = 100 ; C = 10 F ). Compute the expression for the steady state output to an input vi = 10 sin (100 t). (20) 4. The periodic square wave shown below is applied to the circuit shown below. Derive the …rst four nonzero terms in the Fourier series that represents the steady-state voltage vo . Which frequency component is eliminated from the output voltage and why? (40) 1 2 ...
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