Philosophy 1 Quiz 1

Philosophy 1 Quiz 1 - Explain the difference between mythos...

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Explain the difference between mythos and logos world-views . According to Palmer, although mythos and logos pretty much traces the originality of things in life, yet mythos tend to focus more on the “strong time,” the time existed prior to the normal time, and all of the supernatural associations such as how certain phenomenons occurred mainly due to god’s will or that some sorts of miraculous cause. They concern more about emotional belief and the past than the apparent logics and changes in the current time’s nature. Also, mythos do not favor changes for the only change that they came to except is the transition from the “strong time” to the normal time. The logos, on the other hand, emphasize more on philosophical and scientific reasoning while shift away from the emotional base. Within the logos societies, there are written records while such were lacked in the mythos societies for most of what has occurred were being passed on by mouths instead of via accumulated writings. Furthermore, the mythos set no distinctions between one thing’s relationship to another like the humans and animals. Logos, however, did. With logos, men are more favored over other classified categories in the society. Why is Thales considered the first Western philosopher? Thales of Miletos is considered as the first Western philosopher ever, way before Plato because he is the first one to breaks away from the traditional philosophical approach in explaining the
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Philosophy 1 Quiz 1 - Explain the difference between mythos...

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