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3.30.07 Test Review Question Breakdown The Film Changing Stages- 7 questions Terminology- 11 questions Acting- 5 questions Realism- 6 questions A Doll’s House- 5 questions Death of a Salesman/ Arthur Miller- 9 questions Director/ Stage Manager- 9 questions Designers- 2 questions Miscellaneous- 1 question Ah! Wilderness- written by Eugene O’Neill, about a family, happy play A Long Day’s Journey into The Night- the saddest play ever written, Eugene  O’Neill Poetic Realism- based upon myth, adapted to modern times Oklahoma- Rogers and Hammerstein, height of musicals, incorporated dance, one  of the 1 st  to use dance to help understand what is going on inside the character’s  mind LORT- league of regional theatres across the country, created to provide good 
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Unformatted text preview: theatre all across the country, not just in New York • Know the Actor’s unions • Billy Rose- producer in the 30’s, produced a lot of Odete plays for Broadway, producer of big extravagant things like a circus type show • Absurdist Drama- Martin Esslin, 2 absurdist writers- Becket and Ionesco, absurdity of life, unrecognizable plots, resemble nightmares and dreams • Expressionism- expressionistic • Internal Technique- The Method, working from the inside out (Stanislavski) • External Technique- working from the outside inward, doesn’t come from internal motivations • Plays that were first presented during the realism time period were all on a proscenium stage • Naturalism- doesn’t really exist in theatre, no plot, no actors...
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