Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 Changing Midlife Today, many...

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Chapter 13 Changing Midlife Today, many 50-year-olds are in better shape, more alert, and more productive than 40-year-olds a generation or two ago Middle age is starting later and lasting longer Increasing percentage of population is made up of middle-aged and older adults Best-educated and most affluent cohort Middle Adulthood Middle adulthood – developmental period beginning about 40 and extending to 60 – 65 years period of declining physical skills and increasing responsibility shrinking time left in life reach and maintain satisfaction in career Gains and Losses Biological function declines Sociocultural supports such as education, career, and relationships may peak Overall, gains and losses may balance each other in midlife losses may begin to dominate gains for many individuals in late midlife Strength, Joints, Bones Sarcopenia – age-related loss of muscle mass and strength exercise can reduce the decline Cartilage and connective tissue becomes less efficient joint stiffness and difficulty in movement Women experience twice the rate of bone loss Bones break more easily and heal more slowly Vision and Hearing Accommodation of the eye -- ability to focus and maintain image on the retina declines between 40 and 59 years more need for glasses and/or bifocals Hearing also declines
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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 Changing Midlife Today, many...

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