Ch_9_Glycolysis_Fermentation - Glycolysis and Fermentation...

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Glycolysis and Fermentation Biol-003 Spring 2010 1 A. Introduction 1. Chemotroph vs. autotroph 2. - G’ = free energy change a. - G’ favorable reaction b. + G’ unfavorable reaction 3. Enzymes reduced E A 4. Enzyme rate of reaction depends on various factors a. pH b. Temperature c. [S] and [P] B. Metabolic Pathways 1. Metabolism = all chemical reactions within cells 2. Different metabolic pathways accomplish different tasks a. Anabolic pathways = synthesis pathways o Local decrease in entropy (S) o Endergonic b. Catabolic pathways = breakdown pathways o Increase in S o Exergonic 3. Catabolic pathways provide: a. Energy to drive cellular functions b. Metabolites as building blocks o Amino acids o Nucleic acids o Monosaccharides 4. Anabolic and catabolic pathways are complementary a. Hydrolysis of ATP = highly exergonic reaction ( G’ = -7.3 kcal/mol) b. Synthesis of ATP = highly endergonic reaction ( G’ = +7.3 kcal c. Charge repulsion and resonance stabilization contribute to high G’ when ATP is hydrolyzed o Decreased resonance stabilization Delocalized electrons “visit” each O atom in lowest energy (most stable) conformation Ester bond decreases opportunity for electron delocalization one less O atom available Anhydride bond also decreases opportunity for electron delocalization; also,
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Ch_9_Glycolysis_Fermentation - Glycolysis and Fermentation...

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