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Aerobic Respiration Biol-003 Spring 2010 1 A. Introduction 1. Cellular respiration = aerobic respiration a. Oxidation-driven flow of electrons from reduced coenzyme to electron acceptor b. Usually accompanied by ATP synthesis 2. Four stages of aerobic respiration a. Glycolysis b. Krebs or TCA cycle o Pyruvate oxidized to acetyl-CoA + CO 2 o Electrons transferred to NAD + o Further oxidation with transfer of electrons to coenzymes + CO 2 c. Electron transport/transfer o Electron transfer to O 2 as final electron acceptor o Coupled to H + pumping electrochemical gradient d. Oxidative phosphorylation (ox-phos) o H + flow across membrane drives phosphorylation of ADP B. Role of Mitochondria 1. Key organelle of aerobic respiration a. Pyruvate oxidation b. Krebs cycle c. Oxidative phosphorylation 2. Outer membrane differs from inner membrane a. Contains porins (channel proteins) b. Molecules up to 5000 MW can pass through 3. Intermembrane space similar to cytosol 4. Inner membrane forms permeability barrier a. Various transport proteins—for pyruvate, fatty acids, ATP, ADP, P i b. Protein complexes—involved in electron transport and ATP synthesis c. Cristae—increase surface area of inner membrane 5. Mitochondrial functions occur in specific membranes and compartments a. Electron transport and ATP synthesis associated with inner membrane b. F 0 F 1 complexes = ATP synthase, where ATP synthesis is driven by H
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Ch_10_Aerobic_Respiration - Aerobic Respiration Biol-003 A...

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