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CUSTOMER VALUE INSIGHTS (CVIs) * Page #s CVI 1 – THEY LOVE THEIR SUBARUS! 1 (Chapter 1 – Customers Want Exceptional Value!) CVI 2 – HOW SOUTHWEST AIRLINES MAKES FUN PART OF THE CUSTOMER 2-3 EXPERIENCE (Chapter 2 – Be Customer Driven and Market Driving) CVI 3 – CUSTOMER FEEDBACK (Chapter 3 – Process Management - Best Practices) 4 CVI 4 – STARBUCKS 5 (Chapter 4 – Building a Winning Business Model and Value Proposition) CVI 5 - ZAPPOS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A VERY GOOD FIT 6 (Chapter 5 - Service and Quality) CVI 6 – HOW VIRGIN GROUP COMPETES ON IMAGE 7 (Chapter 6 – Price and Image) CVI 7 - USA TODAY’S INTERNET INDEX (Chapter 7 – E-commerce) 8 CVI 8 - HOW THE MARKETING PROS USE SOCIAL MEDIA 9-10 (Chapter 8 – IMC and Social Media) CVI 9 - SELLING AND RELATIONSHIP MARKETING 11 (Chapter 9 – Creating Value Through Relationship Marketing) CVI 10 - CUSTOMER LOYALTY METRICS 12-13 (Chapter 10 – Customer Loyalty and Retention) CVI 11 - WHAT TO MEASURE 14-15 (Chapter 11 – Customer Value Metrics) * All material extracted from the book Superior Customer Value: Strategies for Winning and Retaining Customers , 3 rd Edition, CRC Press/Taylor and Francis Publishing. Copyright, Art Weinstein, 2012. Dr. Weinstein may be contacted at: [email protected] CV INSIGHT 1 – THEY LOVE THEIR SUBARUS! The automotive industry was “running on empty” in 2009 as sales plummeted. General Motors
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and Chrysler needed U.S. government bailouts to survive, Toyota was plagued with product recalls, the recession was in full swing necessitating “cash for clunkers” programs and federal sales tax incentives to stimulate the purchase of new vehicles. One notable exception in this dismal marketplace was Subaru of America. Subaru has emotionally connected with its highly educated, environmentally conscious and outdoor enthusiast target market by providing well built, reliable vehicles that consistently win “Car of the Year” awards by R.L. Polk & Company, Motor Trend ,,, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance , Parents magazine, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Japan’s New Car Assessment Program, and other organizations. “Subaru will consistently build customer loyalty, create customer advocates, and strengthen brand value by providing superior purchase and ownership experiences” (Subaru Customer philosophy). Consider this interesting anecdote about Subaru quality. A customer with nearly 300,000 miles on his vehicle (200,000 + is not uncommon for Subarus) was unable to start his car. He contacted the service department and was asked if he had a spare key. He did, and was told to try starting the engine. It worked – apparently, the car was fine but the original key was worn out! Subaru’s recent promotional theme “Love, It’s What Makes a Subaru a Subaru” has reinforced
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