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Starbucks Overview - J. Hartman - Starbucks Overview: - J....

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Starbuck’s Overview: - J. Hartman Starbucks one of the premier retailers of specialty coffee in the world and has truly became a well-known brand of its own. The story began back in 1971. Howard Schultz led the marketing and retail efforts of Starbucks in 1982 after visiting Italy and tried incorporate similar bar principles. In 1987 Starbucks acquired six Seattle locations for $4 million originally, which still exist today. In 1990, Starbucks took steps forward with expansion of the Seattle headquarters and an increase in resource by opening a new roasting plant (Kembell. 2002). The company went public in 1992 after growing to more than 100 + locations. The next wave for this company was growing into department stores, which were considered cafes and in 1994 Starbucks began supplying their coffee to ITT/Sheraton. The first venture oversees was in Japan and Singapore in 1996. Soon after, Starbucks acquired the Seattle Coffee Co., which includes Seattle’s Best Coffee as well as Torrefazione Italia chains, for 72 million hotels (Weber. 2005). Today’ Starbucks currently has the privilege to connect with millions
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of customers with other 17,000 retail stores in over 50 countries. Starbucks purchases and roasts high-quality coffee beans as well as sells them, along with rich-brewed coffees, Italian-style espresso beverages, cold beverages as well as a variety of premium teas, food items and
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Starbucks Overview - J. Hartman - Starbucks Overview: - J....

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