Week 1 Template- Research Assignment_J. Hartman

Week 1 Template- Research Assignment_J. Hartman - Week 1...

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Week 1 Homework: Research NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY THE WAYNE HUIZENGA GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP-MASTER'S PROGRAMS Assignment for Course: QNT 5040- Business Modeling Submitted to: Dr. Sabrina Segal Submitted by: Jena M. Hartman Jh1769@nova.edu Date of Course Meeting: Online Date of Submission: 7-8-2011 Title of Assignment: Business Solutions : Week 1 Homework-Research CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP: I certify that I am the author of this paper and any assistance that I received in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed in the paper. I have also cited any sources from which I used data, ideas, or words, either quoted directly or paraphrased. I also certify that this paper was prepared by me specifically for this course. Student Signature: Jena M. Hartman Instructor s Grade on Assignment: Instructor s Comments: 1
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Week 1 Homework: Research Business Solutions There are a variety of reasons why individuals feel they are ready to pursue their Masters Degree. For some students it may be the salary increase, others the knowledge they may gain but for me it was to challenge myself mentally to combined my business world experience with and MBA education. The Business Modeling course sounded like an extremely difficult subject. Before taking this course I reviewed the syllabus, emailed Professor Segal for details because I really wanted a good understanding of what this course was all about. Upon beginning my research for this paper I tried several attempts to search a variety of online articles on our NSU library database by following our Professor’s list of steps and found two great articles on why Business Modeling is included on the list of required MBA courses. Business Modeling is a prerequisite, which is one of the first courses required to be successfully completed with a B or higher in order to continue on with the MBA program. In the teacher’s forum article they begin to explain the benefits of taking this course first. It’s extremely
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Week 1 Template- Research Assignment_J. Hartman - Week 1...

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