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4.4.07 - anymore • Waiting for Godot only successful in...

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4.4.07 Samuel Beckett- Happy Days Not I Annoyed Uncomfortable Overwhelmed Confused Disturbed Waste of time Wasn’t getting anywhere, same tone in her voice, her overbite, repetitive, “the buzzing,” wanted more Beckett did not write it for film, didn’t call himself absurd, but Esslin did Tried to create feelings more than you feel in a regular storyline, more reactions from this than you get from anything else Can’t watch the whole play because you’re so annoyed and don’t pay attention
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Unformatted text preview: anymore • Waiting for Godot- only successful in the U.S. in a prison because the prisoners were waiting for something that was never going to come The Theatre of the Absurd • In 1961 Martin Esslin , a British critic, wrote a book called The Theatre of the Absurd about trends in the post-World War II Theatre • He used the label to describe new theatrical ways of looking at existence • The Theatre of the Absurd shows the world as an incomprehensible place...
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