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Baney, Robert Mcilwain, Susan Xcom/285 10/12/2011 Technology is advancing at an astonishing rate and does not show any signs of slowing down. In today’s society there is so many ways that business owners can utilize technology to make their operation run smoother. It seems that only some businesses in the business world utilize top notch technology for the time. Technology is expensive and takes time to install and learn new systems. Internet and networking is the most popular upgrade for many businesses’s, and grants access to the world market. Along with internet you also get the opportunity to utilize e-mail and social networks to help advertise and stay in touch with clients and other businesses. The internet also provides people with the ability to video and voice chat which allows people to
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Unformatted text preview: conduct meetings without ever stepping out of the office. The internet is a great way to advertise and make purchases online and can have purchases delivered right to the buyer. This also allows people to sell their goods and services in a worldwide market reaching around the globe. Technology is the application of science to make peoples lives easier, so if businesses invest in technology it will always pay off in the end. Technology can speed up processes and save time for each individual that utilizes it. Time is money and money is time. Reference page Kremer, Michael (1993). "Population Growth and Technological Change: One Million B.C. to 1990" . Quarterly Journal of Economics...
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Baney_Robert_Week1checkpointxcom.dox - conduct meetings...

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