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Technology is forever changing and always improving. If a business owner is not up to date on his or her technology than they are in fact losing money. Technology is the study of science to improve people lives by making them simpler. Business communication plays a huge role in the way I conduct business at work. When ordering goods and supplies for the restaurant, transactions are all done electronically using online accounts and banking. Just five years ago I had to call in the same orders to the same company using the phone, and on delivery they were paid with a paper check. With the use of high speed internet and online banking, we have saved time and paper. Saving time is saving money because money is time and time is money, and by eliminating paper checks and paper receipts we cut the cost. I utilize the computer and certain programs to help me in the scheduling of workers and managers. These programs help me by not
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Unformatted text preview: allowing me to over staff any shift or day. Before I would have to sit down for hours to check and double check the schedules, this has saved three to four hours every week. Also we have integrated an electronic ordering system, the server types the orders and table numbers into the computer then the cooks get the order on a tv screen. This saves time, the server walking the ticket to the window and waiting for the expediter to grab the ticket. This technological upgrade also eliminates confusion due to the inability to read the servers hand writing, and also saves paper. We utilize technology to speed up our business and save us from some extra stress that is not needed in the work place. Technology at work is great, it help keep people organized and connected, this also saves paper and the amount of time stuck on the phone....
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