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In the article Superhero in the Cubicle, mentioning of many new and innovative technologies where mentioned. These advancements in technology and programs help speed up processes in many large and small businesses around the world. The two technology’s that most interested me was the advance in the internet to web 2.0 and super spread sheets. Web 2.0 is basically the same thing as what everyone uses now, besides it is faster and has the ability to use fewer resources to do more across the global network. The second technology mentioned is super spread sheets, this allows companies to communicate with other branches of the office in other countries quickly and easily. There is a small coast to be able to use the super spread sheet; you can purchase 100 for the cost of 25 dollars. Making these purchases are the same as anything else
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Unformatted text preview: the more you buy the more you get. If you purchase a thousand spreadsheets you can get them for 1.5 cents each instead of by a 100 for 2.5 cents each. These technologies are extremely useful in the right applications and cannot really be compared and contrasted due to the fact they are two different technologies. Web 2.0 would be put to good use in my work place by saving me time for speeding up the process of ordering goods and advertising. The spread sheets would not be put to use for the business but possibly for personal use due to the fact that the owners are from India and it would help them communicate with others of different origin. These technologies due follow the traditional path for business technology and is only an advancement for what is already there....
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