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tim50-lecture4-handouts-x6 - Outline TIM 50 Business...

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1 TIM 50 - Business Information Systems Lecture 4 Instructor: Terry Allen ([email protected]) UC Santa Cruz 10/5/2011 Most slides and the better part of most other slides are by Professor John Musacchio 2 Outline Announcements Review: IS- components, roles, categories… News Article Presentation Strategic Advantage The Porter Model (of competitive strategy) Value Chain Concept 3 TIM 50 Instructor Terry Allen ([email protected]) Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (as needed), And Tuesday, TBD Office# is also TBD TAs TBD Office Hours: Huascar Sanchez ([email protected]) Office Hour: Wednesday, 11:00 a.m. to noon, at Jack’s Lounge (for now) in Baskin Engineering Building Class website http://courses.soe.ucsc.edu/courses/tim50/Fall11/01 4 Class announcements Presentations Send me the presentation & link to article the night before Include article details in the slides Today: Wai Son Wong, Dave (News) The presentation list will be announced soon Add “TIM 50” to all email correspondence+topic Send photo (FirstLast.jpg) Group preferences Names Companies Who wants to do the presentation 5 More Announcements Group assignments will be posted on web site Maintain contact with the rest of the people in your group Start working on the Business Paper proposal ( due on 12 th October ) If you don’t see your name on the list, contact us asap!!! Presentation Assignments will be on web site Whoever is NOT assigned to do a presentation must start working on the 1st News Folio ( due on 10/12 ) 6 Announcements Monday’s (10/10) Presentations: ?? News Story ?? News Story Wednesday’s (10/12) Presentations: ?? News Story ?? Frito Lay Case For next week read: Chapter 2 of O’Brien (pp. 78-90) (Mon) Frito-Lay Case (reader pp:93-113) (Wed)
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2 7 Review from last class What is a business process? A designed succession of actions to the accomplish of some result in a business. What is a business function? A category of activity in a business that requires people with a particular specialization. IT function, marketing function, sales function, etc. 8 Business Process Reengineering A fundamental rethinking and redesign of business processes One of the most important implementations of competitive strategies May achieve dramatic improvements in cost, quality, speed, service BUT: Risk of failure and level of disruption is high Minor improvement to a business process is often called
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tim50-lecture4-handouts-x6 - Outline TIM 50 Business...

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