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1 TIM 50 - Business Information Systems Lecture 8 Instructor: Terry Allen UC Santa Cruz 10/24/2011 Outline Announcements CISCO review ERP Student Presentation (news) E-commerce Alibris case Announcements Homework 2 due Monday 10/31 Forum Topic: Is it possible for a publicly-held corporation in the U.S. today to be socially responsible? Thought experiment Reading for Wednesday Messerschmitt Ch 4 Announcements Forthcoming presentations 10/26 ?? ?? 10/28 ?? ?? Announcements 2 nd TA now on board Varun Raghavan (varun@soe.ucsc.edu) will be coordinating all business paper issues Groups Presenters Topics to cover Send me your presentation slides the night before Failure to do so may result in loss of points We plan to post all student presentations If you want to edit before posting, send in an update Cisco Summary Success Factors Cross-Functional Team of top people People from across the company involved Hungry Vendors Oracle and KPMG needed this to succeed Strong Support from Top Management Favorable Hardware Contract Rapid Prototyping conference room pilots Aggressive pace Good management or luck? Or merely self-fulfilling outcome?
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2 Cisco Summary Challenges Poor testing Strategy Inadequate Hardware Software required more modifications than originally hoped. Is such an emotional investment on the part of upper management healthy? Cisco Summary What did it cost? Costs Beyond original budget: Non-IT Personnel In Project 80 personnel X 8 months X 160 hours / month X 100 hour = $10 million IT-Personnel beyond original 20 80 personnel X 4.5 months X 160 hours / month X 100 hour =$5.7 million Actually cost more than 15 million more than the original budget of $15 million! Was this really a success?! Cisco Summary Top Management made it a priority What effect did this have? Were problems addressed, or merely suppressed? Rapid Iterative Prototyping? What was this? Was it a good strategy? Was aggressive pace good, or reckless? Project justification Did they do a RoR or NPV analysis to justify the project? Review: Types of organizational applications 1. Departmental Supports a single functional department Example: An accounts management application for an accounting department. 2. Enterprise Support enterprise-wide processes and goals. Example: coordinate information between functional departments involved in fulfilling an order. (or other cross-functional process.)
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tim50-lecture8-handouts-x6 - Outline TIM 50 - Business...

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