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TIM 50 Business Paper Fall 2011 Deliverables Company and teammate preferences -- The business paper may be done in teams of up to four or five people (more than that number will probably be unmanageable) and will focus on the use of information systems within a company of your choice. You should suggest your own group. o a ranked list of at least four company choices (#1 is your first choice, #2 is your second choice, etc.) that you would like to study in your project. o If you do find classmates you would like to work with, turn in your names and company preferences as a group . (Otherwise, turn in your preferences as an individual.) o Your company and teammate preference are to be submitted via email to Varun ([email protected]). o You should pick companies for which information systems played a key role in making that company successful. At least two of the companies on your list should be taken from the following preferred list: Southwest Airlines Federal Express Home Depot Wal-Mart Stores Charles Schwab Amazon eBay o Ideally the groups will have a mix of engineering and non-engineering students and a mix of students with different levels of experience. The final assignment of teams and companies will be done by the instructor and announced on October 5. Project proposal -- Turn in a one to two page proposal for your project. You should discuss what you plan to include in your paper, and how you plan to organize it. You should have done some research by this point, meaning that you know some of the principal facts about the company and have some idea of what you would like to include in your final paper. This is an opportunity for feedback before the final paper is due, so put some thought into your proposal. You should also list some of the references you plan
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