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tim-50-hw-3 copy - w.sap.com,xml/ERP_Finance.xml,true o...

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TIM 50 - Homework 3 Due Monday November 21, 2011 Fall 2011 1. SAP is the leading vendor of ERP software. A number of demos of their software are available from the following website: http://www.sap.com/solutions/business-suite/erp/demos/index.epx Watch the demo on "Delivering Employee and Manager Self-Services" at the link: http://www.sap.com/demos/demoplayer.epx?swfURL=green,format,http://ww w.sap.com,xml/ERP_ESS.xml,true (Your computer may need to have Flash player installed to view this.) o List the work-flows of making a Leave Request (Employee role) and approving for a Leave Request (Manager role). o What would be the advantages of using this type of system? (3 or 4 sentences). o Could you think of any disadvantage of this type system? (Please try to think and give 1 possible disadvantage). 2. Also look at the following demo that highlights some of the software's features for managing invoices: http://www.sap.com/demos/demoplayer.epx?swfURL=green,format,http://ww
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Unformatted text preview: w.sap.com,xml/ERP_Finance.xml,true o What are the advantages of using such a system? o Imagine you work for a company using this ERP system and that your job is purchasing supplies. Suppose you had a choice to buy supplies from two different vendors -- vendor A could send you electronic invoices but had higher prices, vendor B has lower prices but no ability to transmit electronic invoices. Which vendor would you purchase from? What factors influence your decision? (5-6 sentences) 3. Consider the "Admissions and Records" function of a university which tracks a student from the time of application through graduation. Do a rough outline of the business process associated with this. What departmental activities are involved, and what is the flow of information among these activities? (This is question E3.3 at the end of chapter 3 in the Messerschmitt book)...
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tim-50-hw-3 copy - w.sap.com,xml/ERP_Finance.xml,true o...

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