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View Attempt 1 of 1 Title: Exam 1 Started: February 21, 2011 5:26 PM Submitted: February 21, 2011 6:38 PM Time spent: 01:11:57 Total score: 14/20 = 70% Total score adjusted by 0.0 Maximum possible score: 20 1. We add 1000 J of heat to a 20.0-g sample of liquid carbon tetrac 40.0°C. What mass of CCl 4 will vaporize at its boiling point of 7 liquid CCl 4 , specific heat capacity = 0.862 J/g.K and ΔHvap = 1 Student Response A. 5.15 g B. 18.1 g C. 20.0 g D. 1.89 g E. 4.44 g Score: 0/1 2. The rate law for the reaction 2A => 4B is rate = k[A] with a rate 0.0445 sec -1 . What is the half-life of the reaction? Student Response 1. 0.0223 2. 0.0642 3. 15.6 4. 44.9 5. Cannot answer without knowing the initial concentration. Score: 1/1
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Which of the following statements is FALSE? Student Response A. The solubility of a gas in a liquid is proportional to the pressure. B. NaCl(s) has a more endothermic ΔH solution than MgS(s). C. In any solution, the solvent is usually the component present in the greater amount. D. If the heat of solution is positive for a solid in a liquid, then more solid will dissolve at higher temperatures. E. The entropy of a solution is usually greater than the entropy of the separate components. Score: 0/1 4. The critical temperature of argon is –122°C. What pressure is re liquid argon at room temperature, about 25°C? Student Response A. It is impossible to form liquid argon at 25°C B. 1 atm C. 25 atm D. 10 atm E. 100 atm Score: 1/1 5. For the reaction; A → B, the rate law is rate = k[A]. If the
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Exam 1 - View Attempt 1 of 1 Title: Started: Submitted:...

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