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Seminar Unit: Final Packet Due: April 1, 2010 Objectives: to understand how writers use language to provide meaning (a consideration of narrative and stylistic devices) to arrive at multiple interpretations for a work of literature to assess literature based on consideration of social and cultural values to prepare for the essay portion of the AP English Literature and Composition exam Procedures: Students form groups according to their selected book. Groups will choose a facilitator and a recorder at the beginning of Meeting #1. During five consecutive meetings in class, the facilitator will keep the group focused on a predetermined plan of discussion, and the recorder will write and submit the daily meeting report, in addition to contributing to the discussions. Instructions for the format and content of the reports will be written on the board daily. The daily instructions are meant to guide the focus of the group, especially in the beginning of the unit. The reports will allow me to read about the group’s progress. The reports, which will be turned in behind the packet, will be read, marked,
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teacher_20100324_1530 - Seminar Unit: Final Packet...

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