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A VOCABULARY OF ATTITUDES Students sometimes feel vaguely the correct attitude toward what they are reading, but are unable to clarify and intensify the mood because they lack a vocabulary adequate to describe it. To such students the following list of attitudes might prove helpful. Attitudes chiefly rational - explanatory, instructive, didactic, admonitory, condemnatory, indignant, puzzled, curious, wistful, pensive, thoughtful, preoccupied, deliberate, studied, candid, guileless, thoughtless, innocent, frank, sincere, questioning, uncertain, doubting, incredulous, critical, cynical, insinuating, persuading coaxing, pleading, persuasive, argumentative, oracular. Attitudes of pleasure  - peaceful, satisfied, contented, cheerful, pleasant, bright, sprightly, joyful, playful,  jubilant, elated, enraptured. Attitudes of pain  - worried, uneasy, troubled, disappointed, regretful, vexed, annoyed, bored, disgusted,  miserable, cheerless, mournful, sorrowful, dismal, melancholy, plaintive, fretful, querulous, irritable, sore, sour,  sulky, sullen, bitter, crushed, pathetic, tragic. Attitudes of passion
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teacher_20100401_0842 - AVOCABULARYOFATTITUDES Students...

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