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AP English Literature and Composition Q3 REVIEW ASSIGNMENT DUE: Monday, May 10 , 2010 Objectives: to prepare for the Open Essay Question (Q3), on the AP English and Literature exam to review narrative elements and connect them with meaning to select works of literary merit for thematic analysis Note: The open essay prompt (Q3) is based on a central question (prompt) that challenges your ability to think about a long work of literature in a broader sense—on a thematic level. Basically, all Q3 prompts ask the same question: How do the narrative elements work together to enhance the novel’s meaning? Instructions: 1. Print and review the 1970-2008, Q3 prompts (online resources). What are the first novels that come to your mind after reading a prompt? Jot the title(s) in the margin or near the question. 2. Select five works of literary merit for review. Consider the major works we have read this year: Crime and Punishment , Invisible Man , Hamlet , Heart of Darkness , a (fiction only) seminar book, Gulliver’s Travels , and
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