2011 10 11 Grading policy & 2nd mid-term

2011 10 11 Grading policy & 2nd mid-term - c 1 out...

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Grading policy: 1. Final percentage will be calculated based on quizzes and exams excluding bonus points. 2. Bonus points will be used to upgrade borderline cases. 3. If your final overall grade (quizzes, exams with bonus points included) is >90, you will automatically get an A. About the 2 nd Mid-term: 1. Cover materials since the 1 st mid-term. a) Time & location: 7pm ~ 10pm on Monday, Oct. 17 at CPE 2.208 b) 4 problems: statically indeterminate torsion, non-uniform shaft under torsion, distributed torque, bonus problem.
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Unformatted text preview: c) 1 out of the 4 will be directly from the lectures (9/22~10/4). Another one will be directly from the homework (Week 5 and 6) or the sample exam. 2. Sample exam will be posted by 5pm this Thursday, solutions by 12pm this Sunday. 3. I will be on Skype from 8 to 10pm this Sunday. 4. If there is time conflict, email Rong ([email protected]) about your conflict and available time on Monday, Oct. 17 starting from 7am. 5. Graphics calculators allowed only with empty memory....
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