Personality Chapter 14

Personality Chapter 14 - Personality Chapter 14 - continued...

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Personality Chapter 14 - continued Humanistic Perspective: Emphasised central role of conscious experiences, creative potential and striving for self actualization, on ones personality. - Carl Rogers believed that our behaviour was not a product of unconscious conflicts, but a response to conscious experiences of ourselves and the environment. - Self: an organized, consistent set of perceptions and beliefs about oneself. One we form a perception about ourselves, this perception influence sour behaviour. ”. The motivation to maintain congruence and self-consistency is called self-verification. - Carl believed that we all have the need for positive regard , which is the need to be loved and accepted and have sympathy from others. There is conditional and unconditional positive regards, where conditional positive regard is the idea that you only will be loved and accepted if you behave in a certain way. People also need to have positive self regard. Having conditional positive regards leads children to develop conditions of worth, where they come to disapprove of their own behaviour and experiences that do not grant them love and acceptance by their parents. For example, they try to never show aggression, because they have come to disprove of anger. - Fully functioning people: people who have reached self-actualization, and inner freedom. They have no fear of behaving in the way that they want to. - Self Esteem: how you feel about yourself. - Self-Enhancement: processes used to try to maintain a positive self-image of yourself: people tend to attribute their successes to their intelligence and personal factors, but their failures to the environment. People tend to rate themselves as better than average on characteristics that are desirable. -
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Personality Chapter 14 - Personality Chapter 14 - continued...

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