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Some advantages that a standardized medical record database could offer would have to be; that the information would be, stored in a electronic file, and that would be used by more than one person at a time. The information would be easy to located, also it would take up less storage space on a computer for its files. The computer also would have a database that is more efficient than a manual filing systems and a computer could use and help reduce some computer types of different errors. These are all different types of advantages that are common in the standardized medical records database. Some of the HIPAA issues that could arise could be that if there is a bug in the system, it could be that
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Unformatted text preview: you were able to look at the other patient’s information and that is a major issue. And if there were two different people with the similar information that could be with the wrong type of healthcare data that had been retrieved there could be issues with all of the patient’s privacy. I believe that the technology in the medical records management is so far behind the other industries is because they never had the proper training to get the technology moving. It does take a lot of training to understand the software....
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