Club It, Part I ch - Running head CLUB IT PART I 1 Club IT...

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Running head: CLUB IT, PART I 1 Club IT, Part I Lisa Morgan XBIS/219 October 15, 2009 Bradley Corbin
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CLUB IT, PART I 2 Club IT, Part I Club IT is a newest and best nightclub located in the heart of the Pearl District. Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys are co-owners and co-operators of this fantastic new hot spot. Lisa and Ken both earned Business Administration degrees in 2005 and are ready to embark careers as small business/club owners. Both are musicians and are very passionate about their music. Ruben plays the drums and Lisa plays the violin. People of all ages including; single adults, young and older couples, local professionals, and students all frequent Club IT each day (Rainer Turban, 2011). Club IT’s mission statement is, “We, Ruben and Lisa, offer you live music, DJ’s, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT” (Rainer, 2011). Club IT is a fun, exciting and popular business to own and maintain. Although Lisa and Ruben are enjoying their new club they face the pressures many other businesses face. If they want to be in business on a long-term basis they must remain competitive by using
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Club It, Part I ch - Running head CLUB IT PART I 1 Club IT...

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