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I Multiple Choice: 1. (2 pts.) Which of the following is diarsenic pentoxide? 2{ x3o56"rorS,zos y' d,oa e) /Yt*-// 2. (2 pts.) The nJme of the compound Co2O3 is .4f dicobalt trioxide. --+l--c obalt(Ill ) trioxide. Midterm l, Form B-Fall 2007-Johnson HZO(I), in AF. for the cell? {fr cobalt(Il) oxide. -b)-dicobalt oxide. -,c)'-cob alt(III) oxide. 3. (3 pts.) Reaction rates generally a) are constant throughout a reaction' b) are smallest at the beginning and increase with time. 6*" greatest at the beginning of a reaction and decrease with time. d) increase and decrease alternately as the reaction proceeds. e) No such generalizations can be made. . (a pts.) For the reduction of Cu2- by Zn,AGo: -Zl2kllmol and E": +1.10 V. If the coefficients in the chemical equation for this reaction are multipliedby Z,AG. : 424$lmol. This means E" : +2'20 V. a) True 6Sralse 5. (3 pts.) A sah bridge provides a path for electrons to move between the
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Unformatted text preview: anode and cathode compartments of a vottaic cell' ., . : .' j4l*. b) False 6. (4 pts-) lf,an electrochemical cell is constructed to operatg_on the reaction" e rf"l it^- , ' . rlJ +4-:\ 3 rt-e6) ;Ya:d\2-(qq) + !4 H+(aq) - L t?*@q) + 3 Hg2+1aq) + 7 +.lo ({ J. , r r t," }t for *tich ,{F": 0.48 V, which of the following changes will result in an increase ft " increasing the mercury ion concentration l- ircreasing the pH l. increasing the dichromate concenfiation 4. increasing the amount of mercury a) 1 cmll b) 2 only c) 3 only d) i and4 e) 2and4 7. (3 pts") A reac-tim thnt has a vety'high activation energy al has a rate frafi does not shange much with temperature. :jpu a rae fra is "eq sensirrive to temp€rature. J)-/-must be secmdqder.- d) gives a curved Arrfrenirrs plot-]s)- must be frst-order-lloA...
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