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Midterm 1, Form B-Fall 2007-Johnson 8. (a pts) The concentration-time curves are shown below for two sets of reactions, A./B and C/D' Wtiictr set of reactions has the largest rate constant? L --@ --ef -€rstcrdsr and 0.24 1 s-t. r'Y' second-order and 16.6 M-r's-l. 10. (T pts.) An unknown metal (M) is electrolyzed. It took 74.1 s for a current of 2.00 amp to plate 0.107 g of - -the metal from a soh,trion containing M(Nog):. Identiff the metal. *-- +q.ts I +')*cto* wt-.lc11, ft -: l l. (6 pts.) If the average rde of fmmation of H2@) is 3.90 (mol H2}L-t'tt for the reaction t I P ., c 1J !-. 3 c 'J J t4 9. (6 pts.) Consider the following reaction:
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Unformatted text preview: f"D secondorder and 2.00 M-r's-'. 5)- frstvdecand 2-00 s-'.-:g>--- second+rd€r and 0.500 M-l's-r a) La *b) Bi c) Ga d) Cu e) Rh Tunc -€ .*6 1$.n .ffic a6*, NOB(g) -+ NO(g) + Y2Br2(g) A plot of [NOBr]-r vs time gives a straight line with a slope of 2.00 M-r's-1. The order of the reaction and tre rate constant, respectively, are r, ,^') nn-l t- ' 'lt J fVo t 1l Lf rnot \ G-T:, r= 2.oa A.3 p.c.5) 2PH:(g)+2P(g)+3Hdg)'thermiqueaveragereactionraters-of 2C 1-tc a) 3.90 mol.L-r.s r. t lSomol'I.,r's r. O t.30 mol.L-r.s-r. '7f I1.7 mol'L:r's-r. ,d 2.60 mol.L-l's-l. t4 l)...
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