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d) 9.2 x 1o-3 M e) 4.0 x l0-3 M E = { * e,.oz-Lq'JU /la o.+1, >. +tipg) zD'r s ) @, A +1" -b t Ll tn d, 2rt [+n"\ =---- l_+r - \ Midterm l, Form B-Fall 2o07-Johnson 23. (8 pts.) Consider the following cell: zn(s) | zn?*(aq,0.200 M) ll rf(uq, ?) lHz(g, 1.00 atrn) lpt If E : +0.66 V and Eo : +0.76 V at 25oC, calculate the concentration of Ff in the cathode cell compartment. a) 2.1 x 10-2M b) 4.0 x lO-t M 8.4 x l0-5 M 24. (l pt.) Did you
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Unformatted text preview: fill in your student ID number on your scantron? n J\ \ a) iyes b) no \*, 25- This is version B. Mark "8" as the answer to this question and in the "TEST FORM- box on your scantron (below ID number): (2 points if you do BOTII) VERSION B:b + O'6L: f 6 'l\ t t'r I-o \ 4 .lt Ll ota6u /^ /nts\ {9 *) l-!*,r il 6;40L, s (4 : 0' < . il.l'l ln q. u .O ? ((at ] r Cs'O)r6c": 4--0-r"l >( 1^{...
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