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MT2.f2k7.pg2 - a ZnO does not react with acid or base b ZnO...

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(4 pts) a) b) 10. (3 ptsJ Which of the following materials is put into a nuclear reactor toplow the chain;;ilfii _-*-.__.1 ,L -\ fr w*rra;) a * $+o #-2,FormD-Far2oo7-rohnson One mole of tVter&mminelicilorocobalt(Ill) chloride dissolves in waterto give \1 *\td,.r tw 2 moles of ions. [* ! I ' c) 1 moles of ions. 3 moles of ions. d) 4 moles of ions. \ L c D tr,lr u th* I5 13. a) fission'$ni+lHe-+tlat+zin b) tusion: ]u+]H-+]u +iu -/ 2 c) bombardment: oieu+fn-+'fan+-\e / ,.1O u"o Pta""'ion'ju-+fiNP+-!e ,/:^ e) All are correctly labeled. (g-n (4 pts.) Which of the following is conect with respect to the reactions of ZnO?
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Unformatted text preview: a) ZnO does not react with acid or base. b) ZnO dissolves in water to give an acidic solution. c) ZnO rcacts with base to give Zn(OH)aZ-. {fi ZnO reacts with water to give hydrogen and oxygen gases. _y ZnO is insoluble iqyloH. (4 p*J Blister copper is produced by reacting CuS (s) a) in the thermite reaction Q inaroastingreaction c) with nitric acid d) with sodium hydroxide e) there is no such thing as blister copper bd'>"t (4 pts.) A solution of M(NOI):, where M is a transition metal, will have apH> 7. 14. iL .J. \f'' .i t' ...;\ 2\ 15. a) True $ Eu."...
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