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Tutorial four solution 2011

Tutorial four solution 2011 - Solution for Tutorial Four...

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Solution for Tutorial Four MECH2100, 2011 1 The University of Queensland School of Engineering MECH2100 - Machine Element Design Solution for Tutorial Four 2011 Q1: This figure shows the Constant Life Fatigue Diagram. The Y-axis is Alternating stress and the X-axis is Tensile mean stress . Point A is Yield strength , Point B is Endurance limit , Point C is Yield strength , and Point D is Ultimate tensile strength . Line a is Yield line , line b is Goodman line , line c is Load line and line BEC is Modified Goodman line . Q2: Therefore, we will start with an uncorrected endurance limit of [0.5] times the ultimate tensile strength. This needs to be corrected using the correction factors in Juvinall Table 8.1. Load factor C L [1.0]; gradient factor C G =0.6; surface factor C S [0.9] ; temperature factor C T [1.0] and reliability factor C R [0.81]. The corrected endurance limit is then found as [ none of the above ]. Q3: Sn’=1.0 x 0.6 x 0.9 x 1.0 x 0.81 x (0.5 x 700) = 153.09 (MPa) Q4: S 1000 = 0.9 Su = 630 MPa.
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