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Unformatted text preview: Immigrant States: Jerseys Global Routes School of Arts and Sciences Signature Course RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY FALL 2011 01 566 271 T 10.55-12.15 PM LOR-022 Carlos Ulises Decena Womens and Gender Studies & Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies RECITATION SECTIONS INSTRUCTORS: 556 INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES - ARTS & SCI 271 IMMIGRANT STATES 3 34695 01 T 10:55-12:15PM LOR-022 D/C W 10:55-12:15PM HCK-204 D/C TANJEEM, N. 34696 02 T 10:55-12:15PM LOR-022 D/C W 10:55-12:15PM HCK-218 D/C ALONSO, C. 34697 03 T 10:55-12:15PM LOR-022 W 2:15-3:35PM HCK-112 D/C ADDA, H. 34698 04 T 10:55-12:15PM LOR-022 D/ C W 5:35-6:55PM HCK-209 D/C C ADDA, H. 34699 05 T 10:55-12:15PM LOR-022 D/C F 10:55-12:15PM HCK-207 D/C ADDA, H. 34700 06 T 10:55-12:15PM LOR-022 D/C TANJEEM, N. F 10:55-12:15PM HCK-213 D/C 34701 07 T 10:55-12:15PM LOR-022 D/C T 12:35-1:55PM HCK-112 D/C TANJEEM, N. 34702 08 T 10:55-12:15PM LOR-022 D/C T 2:15-3:35PM HCK-113 D/C ALONSO, C. 34703 09 T 10:55-12:15PM LOR-022 D/C W 12:35-1:55PM HCK-114 D/C ALONSO, C. **BY PERMISSION - SCHOOL DEAN** **34262 R1 T 10:55-12:15PM LOR-022 D/C T 12:35-1:55PM HCK-218 D/C DECENA, C. COURSE DESCRIPTION Rutgers University prides itself of its racial and ethnic diversity. Indeed, the state of New Jersey counts amongst the top immigrant destinations in the United States. Yet, New Jersey is also amongst the most segregated states in the United States and it is a state where immigration is hotly contested. Arizona has recently been the focus of the national debate on immigration. However, questions of whether immigration enforcement should be intensified, whether immigration law should be less restrictive, and whether the children of immigrants, particularly the undocumented, ought to enjoy the rights of citizenship or not are being debated in town halls across our state. This course investigates and interrogates global immigration to New Jersey through multiple scholarly perspectives. We will examine how people from vastly different countries like the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Mexico and China have come to make their Jersey roots often and, paradoxically, through overlapping yet distinct routes. The course will interrogate how the idea of the United States as a nation of immigrants is constructed by the state and by immigrants themselves and the ways race, class, gender and sexuality fundamentally shape these ideasas well as what it means to be an American. While attentive to what has made immigration a phenomenon as old as human history itself, Immigrant States will explore how immigrants sustain their involvement with multiple locations for the making of identity and belonging even as they attempt to craft their own American identities. The intensity of immigrants' belonging even as they attempt to craft their own American identities....
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This note was uploaded on 11/26/2011 for the course ECON 101 taught by Professor Gottlieb during the Spring '08 term at Rutgers.

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Immigrant+States+FINAL+CORRECT+SCHEDULE+September+2011 -...

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