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Information for Test 1(1)

Information for Test 1(1) - CC306M Information for Test 1 I...

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CC306M: Information for Test 1 I. What is the test format? a.i. There will be 52 multiple choice questions, two of which will count as extra credit. II. What does the test cover? a.i. The test covers the material presented in class (e.g. terms, etymologies, historical information) and the chapters on ‘Basic Term Components’ and ‘Health Care Records’, which are chap. 1 and 2 in your textbook. a.ii. You are responsible for the following information in chapter 1: ‘Basic Term Components’. (27 questions from the lectures and chapter 1) a.ii.1. You should memorize all the ‘Common Prefixes’, ‘Common Combining Forms’ and ‘Common Suffixes’ which appear at the end of this chapter. pp. 13-26. a.ii.2. Pay attention to the book’s categorization of prefixes, suffixes and combining forms (e.g. operative, diminutives). a.ii.3. Pay attention to what was stated in class and in the book in regards to the ‘Five Basic Rules for Constructing Terms’, ‘Rules of Pronunciation’, and ‘Singular and Plural Forms’.
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