Example of Test 1 - 1. phylaxis = to guard before: A)...

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= to guard before: A) anti- B) retro- C) ante- D) post- 2. Which of the following is a surgical (operative) suffix: A) -malacia B) -rrhexis C) -centesis D) -iasis 3. Choose the best answer. The term pancytopenia has which of the following term components: A) Prefix, combining form, and suffix B) Root, combining form, and suffix C) Prefix, root, and suffix D) Prefix, root, suffix, combining form. 4. Which rule best explains the construction of angiectasis: A) When a prefix ends in a vowel and the root begins with a vowel, the final vowel is usually retained with the prefix or a hyphen is added. B) If the root ends in a vowel and suffix begins with the same vowel, drop the final vowel form the root and do not use a combining vowel. C) A combining vowel is not used before a suffix that begins with a vowel. D) A combining vowel is used to join a root to a root as well as to a suffix beginning with a consonant. 5. The oldest symbol of medicine, which is associated with the Greek god of medicine, is: A) The Rod of Asclepius B) The Caduceus of Hermes C) The Staff of Hippocrates D) The Golden Arches 6. Which of the following literally means ‘a condition of no digestion’: A) Anorexia B) Aphagia C) Apepsia D) Agastria 7. Which combining form means ‘nose’: A) Rhin/o B) Nas/o C) Nos/o D) A and B 8. The correct spelling: A) Menorrhagia B) Menorhagia C) Menoragia D) None of the above 9. The plural of stoma is: A) stomata B) stomatae C) stomatum D) stomi 10. The reason most anatomical terms today are in Latin is because: A) Hippocrates wrote in Latin B) In the 16 th century, Vesalius and other Renaissance anatomists wrote in Latin C) Anatomical Latin became standardized in the 20 th century. D) B and C
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Example of Test 1 - 1. phylaxis = to guard before: A)...

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