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Quiz3a - Quiz 3 Physics 2C Fall 2011 MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose...

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Quiz 3, Physics 2C, Fall 2011 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1)Which of the following is a WRONG statement? A)If you put a closed, sealed can of air on a hot stove burner, the air will undergo an increase in internal energy, temperature, and pressure. B)When a system does work and no heat is added to the system, its temperature decreases. C)If a system obtains 100 joules of net heat and performs 60 joules of net work, the internal energy of the system increases by 40 joules. D)During isothermal expansion, an ideal gas performs a positive work, W, which is equal by its absolute value to the change in the internal energy of the gas. E)The relation ΔU = nC v ΔT, where C v is molar specific heat at constant volume, is always true for ideal gas, because the internal energy of an ideal gas is completely defined by its temperature. 2)Which of the following statements is WRONG? 3)Which of the following is a WRONG statement? (p + an 2 V 2 )(V - nb) = nRT, the term an 2 /V 2 with positive a accounts for attractive interaction between gas molecules. (p + an 2 V 2 )(V - nb) = nRT, the parameter b is positive and is generally expected to be larger for a gas with a larger size of the molecules. A-1
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4)At 283 K a steel sphere tightly fits into a glass tube with an internal diameter of 5 cm. At what temperature in K will there be a clearence of 0.01 mm all around the sphere? The linear coefficients of expansion of steel and glass are 12 x 10 - 6 / K and 3.2 x 10 - 6 / K, respectively.
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